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When a landfill is closed, the site, especially the groundwater, must be maintained and monitored for up to 30 years!

Did you know tips

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July 29, 2009


How much trash can we bury?
Landfills don't have a garbage fairy,
It's time to lend a helping hand,
Reduce your waste and take a stand.

Landfilled to the Brim

It seems like we all know the trash man's schedule; however, it's an entirely different story when it comes to knowing exactly where our trash goes or what actually happens to it. In the U.S., about 32.5% of solid waste is recycled, 12.5% is burned, and 55% is buried in landfills. The use of landfills has doubled since the 1960s creating a huge, smelly problem. Let's get to know the modern-day landfill.

  • Landfills are built into or on top of the ground. Trash is isolated from the surrounding groundwater, air, and rain by a bottom liner and a daily covering of soil.
  • Landfills are designed to bury trash not break it down. With little oxygen and moisture available, garbage decomposes extremely slowly. For example, 40-year-old newspapers with easily readable print have been excavated from landfills.
  • It's important to remember that some materials may be banned from disposal in municipal solid waste landfills and shouldn't be placed in your trash can. This includes paints, cleaners/chemicals, motor oil, batteries, pesticides, household appliances such as window air conditioners and refrigerators, and other dangerous/ toxic products.
  • Practice the "Three R's" in your home to reduce the ever-growing municipal solid waste stream at the source. Landfills can, do, and will fill up quickly and be forced to close.

Check It Out

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Having trouble viewing this email? view smart2begreen newsletter online tell a friend about smart2begreen newsletter

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